About Us

Dedicated Connoisseurs of Freshly Baked Bagels

At Golden Bagel Cafe in Napa, California, we have been serving the freshest homemade bagels since 1996. We make this breakfast staple with only the finest, preservative-free ingredients.

More Than Just Bagels

Our Specialty

First, we want to get something out of the way: we are bagel fanatics. That is why we only use the healthiest, highest quality ingredients—lots of them—on our breakfast specialty. Anything less is considered a first-degree culinary crime.

Other Delicious Options

With our various sandwiches, we squeeze a generous amount of fresh ingredients between slices of our lightly crusted Focaccia bread. We also make healthy, flavorful salads. These include the classic Caesars, Cobbs, and our original oriental chicken. Our crew serves special golden dough pizzas fresh off the oven as well.

Classic Breakfast Beverages

Meals are just not complete without the perfect drink to go along with your delicious food. That is why we have an espresso bar. This is where we make the best mochas, cappuccinos, and lattes you will ever have. Next to it, you will find The Juice Event. This is where you can get freshly squeezed orange juice and the thickest smoothies ever created.